Capture the spirit of Christmas with Rochelle Pennington's original short story.

The heartwarming tale is accompanied by several of Vickery's works.

32 pages. Hardcover.

The definitive history of the Christmas Tree Ship

Rochelle details some of the extraordinary events that surrounded the legend with vintage photographs, newspaper clippings, and interviews with persons directly connected with the story.

328 pages. Softcover.

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See it come to life

Inspired by Vickery’s legendary series of paintings, Christmas Schooner is a charming original story running that has become a family favorite.

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The original songs and stories from the musical are available on CD.

The first print in the series, Christmas Tree Schooner, has been sold since 1997. Please call for information on secondary market availability.

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While it was nothing but a weary old lumber schooner, the “Christmas Tree Ship” was a Chicago institution. To area families, its arrival signified the beginning of the Christmas Season.

Each year just after Thanksgiving, the ship would make its journey from the Far North piled high with wreaths and freshly-cut pines—delivering its precious cargo to eager turn-of-the-century Chicagoans at a dock near the Clark Street bridge.
Charles Vickery: The Arrival
The Arrival: Here Comes the Christmas Tree Ship
A signed and numbered limited edition print by Charles Vickery.
Edition of 950. Image Size 15.5hx20.5w
$205. Mastertouch Canvas $505.

Charles Vickery: The Rouse Simmons
The Rouse Simmons
A signed and numbered limited edition print by Charles Vickery.
Edition of 950. Image Size 16hx20w
$195. Mastertouch Canvas $495.

Over the years, there were actually several different captains and many different "Christmas Tree Ships," but by far the most famous of these was Captain Schuenemann and his schooner Rouse Simmons. Adding to the legend, one fateful day in 1912, the Rouse Simmons and it's popular captain went down with crew and trees--ending a historic era.

Legendary in his own right for his dramatic seascapes and timeless Midwestern landscapes, Charles Vickery has kept the story alive with a series of limited edition prints which have become collector favorites. Reserve yours today.
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Want to learn more about the Christmas Tree Ship?
Rochelle Pennington's short story (above right) is a wonderful introduction to this enchanting part of Chicago lore, and her new follow up book is a treasure trove of details about the the legend.

To learn more online, visit the website of historian and author Fred Neuschel. Fred has put together a great deal of historical information about the Rouse Simmons and dozens of other Christmas Tree ships that sailed the Great Lakes.

Folk singer Lee Murdock has done a great deal to keep the ship's story alive—both in song and at his popular Christmas Ship Concert which takes place the weekend after Thanksgiving. Lee creates a modern style of folk music that is an anthem to the people who live, work, learn and play along the shores of Lake Michigan. Visit Lee's website to learn more about his music and his other performances.

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